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Knowing the Best Exhibition Stand Design Ideas for 2017

Running a stand in a trade show or exhibition really requires a lot of hard work and commitment, and along with it includes the amount of hassle and stress. The importance of stand exhibitions gives a great avenue for new and existing sellers to showcase their products and services, and it is widely being used by different business sectors all throughout the world. Exhibition stand design and planning is a challenging and exciting phase of exhibition marketing, but the difficult part is the actual realities of staying alert and bright for hours and the painstaking follow-up to do just to make it successful. Having an effective and concrete exhibition stand design is important to make all efforts, time and money invested worth it.

A successful exhibition stand chooses the design at least four months before the actual event, considering the warmth and accessibility, proper use of lighting and color to stand out, having an open booth, and attracting children to attract their parents to follow if you sell a family product. Depending on the theme or atmosphere you want to convey, proper lighting is very important to create a warm, friendly and bright atmosphere for your stand to catch the attention of any visitor. To have an eye-catching, appealing and inviting exhibition stand design, you need to consider using clear and right visuals, choosing the best color scheme, using of text or copy writing, utilizing portable displays, upgrading of flooring, and importance of storage. If you want to stand out from other stand owners, use color or color combination that can set the mood, because it also elicit emotional response and unconsciously draw prospective clients in your booth. Do not just focus on the actual look of your stand, make sure to also have an excellent guest service and you can give invitations or flyers as well.

If you need to fill the space, it is advisable to have an excellent and quality interactive display, and have an open booth as much as possible without any table in front unless if the entrance is wide enough. It is a good idea giving some treats to children and their parents, such as chocolate or candies placed on child’s height, and coffee or tea for parents. Always smile and be sensitive to the needs of your attendees so you can make a positive impact, and creating a positive and simple information with your exhibition stand design is necessary. Eye-catching options you can use to attract guests may include banner stands, table covers, digital signage, pop up displays, hanging banners and tablet stands. Commercial carpet flooring is often uncomfortable, so upgrading your booth’s flooring is worth your investment. matching your theme and making your guests comfortable.